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Sapa is one of the most interesting sightseeing in the north of Vietnam, with the height around 1500-1650 m above sea level. Sapa is a land of modest, quietly but hides varies wonderful of natural scenes and Sapa is also a nest of hill tribe as: Black H'Mong, Red Dzao, Xa Pho, Tay, Zay...etc. Travel to Sapa, people forget everything, just enjoy the fresh air, clouds, sky, romantic scenery, majestic place. That is the reason why Sapa town is also known as the cloud. With an average temperature of 14-17°C will be more convenience for the tour to the village as well as explore the Fansipan peak.
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Sapa Tour - Can Cau Market

 Bac Ha Market is held on every Sunday while Can Cau market on Saturday. If enjoying tour in Sapa, visitor can come to visit Can Cau market on Saturday before moving to Bac Ha market on Sunday.

It’s still a mecca for the local tribal people though, including mainly Flower H’mong and Blue H’mong in which Flower H’mong has colorful nature of their costumes, and their colorful dresses meanwhile Blue H’mong’s with the striking zigzag costume of the latter).'mong-%20SapaTourBooking.jpg

A Blue Hmong woman sells fabrics

A Blue Hmong woman makes a transaction with a young Flower Hmong woman

Colorful ethnic people of the Flower H'mong

The Can Cau spills down a hillside with basic food stalls on one level and livestock at the bottom of the valley, including plenty of dogs. Locals will implore you to drink the local ruou with them. Some trips from Bac Ha include the option of an afternoon trek (for those still standing after ruou shots) to the nearby village of Fu La,

Drink wine with local people

Coming Can Cau market, visitors can purchase all kinds of goods here, from fabrics to various types of livestock to the powerful local corn wine.

Visitor buys some things and talk with ethnic people

The market starts early (around 7.30 am) and closes in the early afternoon so you will want to make an early start to get the most out of the experience.



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